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RapidBts GSM/ CDMA Repeaters are designed to improve poor signal /reception problems for mobile phones.

our experienced team of RF Experts and Technicians will provide you with Solutions on site survey, installation and maintenance

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Rapidbts Signal Booster Repeater for

• Warehouses,
• Basements, Parking lots
• Conference rooms,
• Offices,
• Supermarkets,
• Shopping malls
• Hotels,
• Bars,
• Cafes,
• Dance halls,
• Clubs,
• Rooms etc.
• Elevator,
• Homes, etc.

CDMA Signal Repeater
Signal Repeater FemtoCell
CDMA GSM Signal Repeater Dealer in Nigeria, Globalcom service improvement Equipment

GSM signal booster with Zero radiation, GSM signal booster power supply 220V 110V

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Product Information CDMA signal repeater and cdma repeater CDMA mobile signal Booster, CDMA mobile Repeater, Products from Nigeria

GSM Yagi Antenna

Cell Repeater

For Home
For Ship
For Car
For Small Houses
For Big Buildings
Cell Phone Boosters
900 MHz
1800 MHz
Dual Band

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Location: Ikeja, Kaduna State, Nigeria.
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