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Training and Vocational Studies in Event planning
At Blossom Bakers House we believe we cannot meet the whole world needs and provide such services as cherished by our clients. To this end we offer since 2009, the Blossom Bakers House as a support service to all and acquiring the skills and experience we have garnered over the past decade.

Small Chops:-

Yam Balls
Meat Ball
Fish in Bata
Shrimps in Bata
Fruit Bread
Puff Puff
Chin- Chin
Spring Roll
Meat/ Vegetable Kebabs
Meat/ Vegetable Stir fry
Grilled Chicken
Grilled Fish
N10,000(Regular -last 3 saturdays of every month), N20,000(Private - Mon, Wed, Fri Every week), N35,000(Home tutor)
Next session( Regular class) starts 16th July- 30th July.

Cocktail Drinks:-
Tequila Sunset
Frozen Strawberry
Tango Rhythm
Acapulco shake
Mint Fruity
Chap Man
Tropicana Drink
Coffee Milk shake
Cream Banana boost

N7,000 (Regular), N10,000(Private), N20,000(Home tutor)
1 Day
Next session( Regular class) starts Monday 3rd July.

More Info, call Bukkie ,

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Date: Friday, 24 June, 2011 (3 years ago) Share
Location: Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.
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